Sunday, October 28, 2012

J'adore Halloween

                             "When ghosts and goblins by the score
                             ring your bell or pound your door
                             you better not be stingy or
                             your nightmares will come true!  Boo!"
                                                                   --Some Disney Writer

Some holidays are celebrated soberly and somberly as a matter of duty, gratitude--Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter, etc, etc.  But the only pure fun one is Halloween, my favorite.  Thanksgiving and Christmas suck, Easter blows, too much work and expectation.  Independence Day is also good, but it's a lazy good.

Halloween is perfect.  No expectations.  All the creativity and fun you can stand.  A perfect excuse to be as dumb and excited as you want.

So God Bless Halloween, and God Bless Pumpkin Pi....

Pumpkin Pi

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